Running and cycling are both forms of aerobic exercise that can be pursued outdoors, whether on city streets or nature trails. But if you’re looking to start a regular cardio routine, and you’re not sure which one is best to kick off your fitness, then look no further. Trainers and research have something to say about which activity might be a more effective workout for you.

The Pros and Cons of both

  1. In terms of cardiovascular health, both running and cycling are equally beneficial. Aerobic activities help strengthen your heart so that it can pump more oxygen in your body. Doing cardio exercise, such as running and biking, teaches your heart to pump even more efficiently the rest of the time.
  2. Running burns more calories than cycling because it uses more muscles. However, cycling is gentler on the body, and you may be able to do it longer or faster than you can run. You’ll also burn more calories if you’re running or cycling uphill for any portion of your exercise than you would if you were exercising on a flat surface.
  3. Cycling can help you build muscle in your lower half. Running won’t lead to a lot of bulk, but it can help you develop stronger, toned muscles.
  4. Running may be better for toning muscles since it works your whole body and burns more calories. You’ll need to add some weight training and potentially change your diet if you’re wanting noticeable results.
  5. The potential to weight loss by running or cycling depends on how you participate in the sport and how you combine it with healthy eating and other habits.

You have to find something you actually enjoy and want to stick with. So, if you try running and just can’t find your footing, see how you feel about cycling. If you just can’t find your groove on two wheels, take up running. There is no correct answer to this question! The physical abilities of the exerciser will always determine what is possible.
Both cycling and running have their fair share of pros and cons. Overall, neither is better for you than the other. It really comes down to which activity works with your fitness goals — but it’s also a good idea to choose one that you enjoy. If you hate running, you’re not going to run as often. But if your bike is your #bae, you’ll probably love cycling every day. Go with the option that brings you the most joy and make it work for you.


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