The best makeup looks all have one thing in common: a perfect foundation. But when it comes to getting a smooth, flawless complexion, you have a sea of ​​options, which can make things a little confusing. There’s a foundation, a tinted moisturizer, then there’s BB creams and CC creams. 

BB cream

The “BB” stands for beauty balm or anti-blemish balm. Taking a cream form, BB Cream “contains serum ingredients, pigments, moisturizer, and generally sunscreen,” adding “antioxidants, vitamins, hydration, sun protection, and coverage to skin, ”Skin expert explains. It’s “a multi-step, one-application skin care regimen provides more coverage than a tinted moisturizer.” Even though BB Cream is lighter than foundation, it provides “long-lasting buildable coverage with a rosy or natural finish.”

CC cream

CC cream is an improved version of BB cream, which is lighter in weight but offers more coverage. Expert says it’s like “a BB cream with the added benefit of a concealer or color correction built in,” hence the double C. It’s “the holy grail of coverage, lines. fuzzy, pores and wrinkles most natural-looking finish – almost undetectable. »Like BB cream, CC cream is buildable, so it doesn’t completely mask freckles. CC Cream “can also be used as a makeup base layered under BB cream or foundation,” says experts. “It is ideal for people with acne, large pores, sun spots, rosacea, wrinkles, uneven texture and scars.

When determining whether you are more of a BB Cream or CC Cream type of person, there really is not a right or wrong answer. It all boils down to preference. Are you looking for something with light coverage to give a healthy glow or do you need something with more coverage to cover any imperfections? It just depends on your concerns and what you’re in need of at the time.

Benefits of BB Cream

  • Improves skin complexion
  • Softens & evens skin tone
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Helps reduce file lines, wrinkles, dark spots, dullness & other signs for aging
  • Prevents UVA/UVB damage

Benefits of CC Cream

  • Contains Vitamin C to promote more vibrant skin
  • Infused with Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration and keep the skin youthful
  • Color correcting properties to provide a more even skin tone
  • Provides full coverage finish with an oil-free formula suitable for all skin types


First of all, there is no bad time to use BB cream. BB creams are, however, especially useful on the days when you don’t want a ton of coverage but still want to look put together. BB cream is also a great option for mornings when you’re rushing to get ready. Because BB cream has multiple uses, you can skip the primer and moisturizer and apply only one product. It’s not much easier than that! That being said, if your BB cream is not formulated with a broad spectrum sunscreen, you should apply a sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF underneath.


CC cream is useful on days when you don’t want to wear a ton of makeup or are pressed for time and don’t want to work your way through a complicated skin care and makeup routine. Still, CC cream does offer more coverage than BB cream, so if you do have any imperfections you’re looking to keep undercover, then CC cream is the better option. Use CC cream on days when you’d normally wear foundation and reap the added skin care benefits that CC cream can provide.
So, there you have it: you officially understand the difference between BB cream and CC cream, and now you know when (and how) to use each to get the best end result. Ready to take your beauty knowledge to the next level beyond BB cream and CC cream?


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