The bone is created with collagen, the protein which can provide the bone with its framework and strength & calcium phosphate, the calcify complex which hardens the bone. Bone makers- signals of a bone turnover system- are utilized alongside bone density testing to check for bone diseases like osteoporosis or other bones problems.  The bone profile blood test can guide you to determine how your skeleton becomes affected by the metabolism system of your body. When you become aged, then the original strength of the bones can also be weakened by the conditions like osteoporosis.

What’s included in a bone profile blood test?

Your blood sample is tested for:

  • Calcium
  • Phosphate
  • Albumin
  • Alkaline phosphatase

The bone profile has been used to monitor and analyze particular conditions. Which includes:

  • Osteoporosis : This condition can make the bones more brittle and fragile. As you become aged, you can automatically lose your density, but also it can be lost for eating disorders, hormone problems, or heavy drinking.
  • BonePaget’s Disease : The common bone problem is this Paget’s It can affect bone renewal or turnover. That is how the tissue of the bone can easily replace itself. If your medical expert can suspect that you could have this, he will advise you about the immediate vitamin D test.
  • BoneCancer : Though it is the rarest form of cancer, it is also characterized by bone pain, swelling and lumps.
  • Liver problem and Thyroid problem. In many cases, the bone profile test has been used to identify the problems with the parathyroid and thyroid that can play a crucial role to maintain the balance of phosphorus and calcium levels. Also, it can suggest the liver problem, where proteins and enzymes are produced.

Now in this age of modern technology, our medical science has also been advanced. Everyone should take this advantage because prevention is better than cure. Hence, it would help if you kept yourself safe and secure by doing this test at the exact time.


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