We all know that a regular exercise routine is good for our health. But sometimes hitting the treadmill for 40 straight minutes is about as enticing as staring at a brick wall. Plus, the fact that we can’t always measure our progress can leave one feeling a little… uninspired to keep up the momentum.

That’s where gadgets can come in and provide assistance. Whether you’re looking for new motivation to take your workouts to the next level or you’re simply a tech nerd with an affinity for fitness, here are a few of the latest wearables, accessories and equipment to reinvigorate your workout routine.

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

An impressive fitness offering from the popular wearables company, the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch offers a slew of activity-tracking goodies — including step-, 24-hour heart rate-, sleep-, calorie-, distance- and female health-tracking. Plus, music playlist storage and sync, Fitbit Wallet for payments, Starbucks and Pandora apps, fitness coaching with on-screen workout, GPS, email and text message notifications and even guided breathing sessions personalized based off your heartrate.

The watch lasts up to four days between charges and is also water resistant up to 50 meters, and its built-in sensors automatically start and pause activity tracking, so the fitness enthusiast on your list can get right to their workout.

Adidas miCoach Speed Cell plus the free miCoach app

This little 10g, battery-operated unit is designed to fit onto a pair of Adidas trainers (or it can be clipped to a pair of standard trainers) so that you can record your running speed, acceleration, distance travelled and pace. Store up to 8 hours of data, transfer it to your computer and keep an eye on your progress. With the matching app, you can share results and compete with other users, motivating you to push harder next time.

Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet

There’s wearable tech, and then there’s this. Unlike any other pair of socks you own, the Sensoria Fitness Socks are actually smart socks with an anklet that magnetically attaches to the top of your it. The two work together to get a super accurate read of your step count, speed, calories, altitude and distance, and can even track your cadence and foot landing technique as you do your thing – whether that’s walking or running.

It also has a dedicated phone app that monitors your movement and will guide you through your workout with real-time audio cues. Just be careful not to lose one of these bad boys in the wash…

iBike Dash Cycling Computer

This little device is a great way to attach your phone to the handlebars during your ride. It’s perfect for keen cyclists who want constant information on their speed, time, distance, temperature and routes. Your phone is safe in a water and shock resistant case that also comes with an optional bluetooth headset for calls on the fly. The free iBike app also allows you to set up a rider profile and compete with other riders.

Sports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

An online purchase only, this monitor works in tandem with an app to measure your heart rate accurately after your workout. Install the app, attach your phone to the monitor and then strap the monitor to your body. After your work-out, your phone will then tell you your current, average and maximum heart rate during the workout, display a heart rate chart and the distance you travelled which you can then share with other users. It’s water resistant and the lithium battery lasts for 40 hours.

RunLites Gloves

For the committed runners braving the dark and cold to log their miles (and women running alone who could use an extra safety measure), these gloves will help keep them warm and safe. With a long cuff for extra warmth, a reflective palm strip, and a palm pocket for money and keys, these text- and tech-friendly fleece gloves hold one LED light in each, which projects light up to 35 feet. Bonus: they are also great for outdoor yard work or walking the dog at night, or digging through the attic to pack away those Christmas decorations.

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell

Save space — and create an efficient, compact at-home gym — with this versatile dumbbell that serves as an entire weight-rack in one, adjusting from 10 pounds all the way up to a whopping 90 pounds. With seventeen different weight settings to choose from, you won’t have a slew of weights cluttering up your space, but will be able to effectively work at building muscle and increasing strength. Weight training is an important part of an effective fitness routine, and having these easily adjustable weights front and center will help ensure you make strength training a priority.

Digifit Connect

Instead of wearing a band or monitor, you can connect this little gadget directly to your apple device as a monitor for heart health, weight and blood pressure. It connects wirelessly to sensors to collect data during your workout such as heart rate, speed, cadence, distance, pace and power. It has a 3-metre range and you can download the information to your Mac to monitor progress.

WiFi Body Scale by Withings

These digital scales are great for the family, as they can record the weight, body mass index, fat and lean muscle mass for everyone, sending results via email. It weighs only 2.31kg, is battery operated and reads your measurements as soon as you step onto it.

Blast Golf Tracker

For the golfers on your list: This is one of the best golf swing analyzers according to experts like Golf Digest. Blast attaches to your grip and focuses on the timing of your stroke through analysis, coaching, communication and management tools. A Smart Video Capture records videos of the swing, allowing golfers to target metrics such as stroke timing and tempo, and the tracker pairs with your phone, charging wirelessly.