The Different Ways Yoga Can Treat Pimples And Acne

The ancient tradition of yoga is seen as a gift to the world from the Indian subcontinent. Developed about two and a half millennia ago, this tradition finds its roots in the practices of the rishis and ascetics who roamed these lands at that time. The style of yoga that is practiced today, however, is only a small (and yet incredibly effective) part of an entire school of Indian philosophy that existed in ancient times.

Besides its health benefits, you will be surprised to know that regular yoga practice for acne and pimples can help improve your skin condition tenfold.

Then what exactly is the idea of yoga and what makes it so effective in treating so many health issues and ailments? Well, the philosophy of yoga is quite simple and yet extremely powerful at the same time. To put it simply, understanding the body and how it works is one of the key methods to mastering it, and yoga helps you to do that. So, before we move on to how practicing yoga for pimples and acne can benefit your skin, it is imperative that we understand the causes of acne as well.

  • Stress and unhealthy internal systems

Besides all the dirt and pollution that plague your skin and face every time you step out of the house, a number of other factors are responsible for the appearance of acne and pimples on your skin. Clogging the pores of your skin with dead skin cells, or with oils from your skin, apart from dust particles and pollutants, leads to the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads or pimples on your skin. And while some factors like genetics and your hormones can’t really be changed, others like stress and unhealthy digestive or circulatory systems can be countered by changes in your lifestyle.

The ancient tradition of yoga provides for different asanas or postures that can help you with these issues by reducing stress and improving your internal bodily systems by detoxifying them.

Practicing yoga for pimples is the healthiest way to treat this most common skin condition.

  • Asanas and techniques to fight against stress

1. Pranayama

PranayamaWhile ancient texts including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita described “ Pranayama ” as the cessation of breathing (“ prana ” means your breathing and “ ayama ” means cessation in Sanskrit ), it is now practiced as an exercise to control your breathing. , alone or in sync with other asanas. Medical research has reported that pranayama exercises can help relieve your stress and therefore can be an effective way to control and treat your acne problems.

Pranayama is the answer, if stress acne is your biggest worry. For acne, practicing yoga can help you treat this condition.

2. Matsyasana

MatsyasanaHere is another yoga pose for acne that will definitely be of great help if practiced regularly.

Matsyasana or the fish pose is basically a back bend, where you lie on your back and lift the heart region by leaning on your elbows and pulling your shoulders back. To complete the asana, stretch your neck and point the crown of your head towards the floor. This asana relaxes your mind and body, calms it deeply, and helps you better deal with acne caused by stress or other emotional imbalances.

3. Sarvangasana

SarvangasanaSarvangasana, also known as shoulder support, is an asana that affects all members of your body. It is also from there that it takes its name since sarvanga means “all the members or rather all your body” in Sanskrit. This is another useful yoga pose for acne and pimples. To do the asana, lie down comfortably on your back and bring both legs together pointing them skyward. Push your hips all the way in until your chest is closer to your chin. Hold the pose for about 10 to 15 seconds before slowly bending your knees and returning your body to its original position. It also improves your blood circulation and not only does this asana completely relax your mind and body.