Do you dislike summers due to the excessive temperature, warm situations and solar tan? It incurs many pores and skin troubles like itching, acne, pores and skin burns, oily pores and skin and tanning. Sun tanning is the maximum not unusualplace pores and skin problem that arises in summers. It is not anything however a pores and skin darkening from the damaging UV rays and pollutants.

Causes of Sun Tan

Sun burns and solar tan are the not unusualplace troubles visible in summers. There are numerous reasons of solar tan across the palms and hands. Here are a number of them:
– Direct publicity to the solar regularly
– Excessive pollutants and dust
– Over oily pores and skin
– Improper pores and skin care routine
– Lack of diet C and anti-oxidants withinside the body
– Short consumption of water on every day basis
– Usage of immoderate chemical primarily based totally merchandise at the hands and palms
– Lack of nourishment to the pores and skin
– Not the use of sufficient sunscreen

solar tan treatments

1. Cucumber juice and lemon juice

Cucumber carries greater than 70% water that soothes the pores and skin instantly. It offers a clean and funky feeling to the pores and skin and heals pores and skin burns easily. Lemon carries critic acid (diet C) that fights towards melanin pigments which reasons pores and skin darkening. It is wealthy in diet-c and different critical vitamins crucial for true pores and skin. It gets rid of the tan from palms and hands in fewer packages and offers a clean and glowing pores and skin.

How to use

  •  Put 7 tea spoons of cucumber juice in a small bowl add five teaspoons of lemon juice in it and upload 2 teaspoons of glycerin in it.
  •  Now lightly rubdown this to the palms and hands or wherein the pores and skin darkening is there.
  •  Keep it for half-hour and wash it with water. This may be used at night.

Curd and lemon juice

Curd is well-known for pores and skin whitening and pores and skin softening. It additionally reduces solar tan and solar burns successfully. It carries lactic acid that gets rid of useless pores and skin cells and offers shining pores and skin. Lemon juice however is understood to put off the tanning successfully to your palms and body.

How to use

  •  Take five teaspoons of curd in a small bowl
  •  Add three teaspoons of lemon juice in it
  •  Also upload 2 teaspoons of olive oil
  •  Now lightly rubdown this to the hands and palms
  •  Wash it after 20 mins or till it dries out.

Aloe vera gel and diet-E

Aloe Vera is a great treatment for pores and skin issues. It works as an anti inflammatory and anti-septic. It heals pores and skin burns and pores and skin darkening. On the opposite hand, diet-E enables in lowering darkish spots and lightens the pores and skin tone. Moreover, this superb aggregate can even lessen the solar tan on palms and the ft additionally.

How to use

  •  Take five complete spoons of aloe Vera gel
  •  Add diet-E oil or almond oil in it
  •  Massage this aggregate to the hands and different pores and skin areas
  •  Remove this after forty mins with water.

This will certainly assist you to reap a superb sparkling pores and skin and no tan. You also can put together a scrub the use of a few sugar and lemon juice. Then scrubbing this over the tanned hands and palms. Leave the sugar scrub for 15 mins then wash of with clean water.


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