Suffering from run-ruining respiration problems like bronchial allergies, bronchitis or congestion? There’s a spa restoration you would possibly see for your look for solutions: salt. Yep, the ones quite crimson caves you’ve visible on Insta with partitions and blocks of salt can also additionally provide a remedy called halotherapy – a exercise that includes sitting in a cool, salt-crammed room to enhance health.

Proponents declare it brings huge advantages like alleviation from respiratory difficulties, recovery for diverse pores and skin situations and overall relaxation.

1. Salt rooms solve lungs and sinuses

The questioning is that sitting close to salt attracts water from your respiration tract, decreasing infection and assuaging problems. But that hasn’t been showed via way of means of research yet. That said, a few medical doctors complement mainstream alternatives like inhalers with salt therapy, says Dr Nisha Chellam, an integrative medicinal drug practitioner. Consult your GP earlier than you try.

2. It has primary pores and skin advantages

Exposure to excessive concentrations of salt absorbs and flushes out topical probs like bumps and redness, says Dr Rohan Mankikar, a pulmonologist. This makes salt rooms useful for eczema and dermatitis flare-ups. Good to know.

3. You’ll def need to feature a salt lamp on your bedroom

Claims related to salt lamps are they “clean toxins” and terrible energy. That is, in a word, bogus – you won’t acquire the pores and skin or respiratory advantages if you’re now no longer interior a sodium-packed area, says Mankikar. But if having one makes you chill, that’s a satisfactory self-care choice – just
don’t count on well-being miracles.

4. Salt rooms are secure for everyone

If you’re actively quick of breath or having an bronchial allergies attack, don’t head on your salt room; it’s preventive care, now no longer acute remedy. Also, really well worth noting: now no longer all salt caves are legit. The area has to have a halogenerator – the system that aerosolises the salt into the air – to work. Otherwise the room is largely only a adorable lounge. Ask control if the gap boasts the system. And do your due diligence pre-arrival: take a look at client critiques concerning alleviation, get a room tour, and inquire approximately the practices.


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