How To Get Rid Of Heat Pimples Naturally

Summer is here and, after this last year indoors, you’re likely excited to get out in the sunshine. Your skin, however, might have other ideas. Heat pimples, acne, maskne, and summer rashes can put a damper on your outdoor plans. Acne can be painful, uncomfortable, and make you feel self-conscious. Fortunately, you can prevent heat-induced skin problems and treat them.

Heat Pimples

Acne Mechanica is a form of acne which is more common in athletes, students and soldiers. It occurs due to excess heat, pressure, rubbing of skin and frictional force. It exaggerates when the skin is exposed to excess heat, or is under pressure and wrapped under tight clothes/headbands.


  1. If person is wearing tight clothes example athletes who wear sportswear that is skintight, this adds pressure and traps heat under the clothes.
  2. Carrying back-packs, purses or bags with straps that creates pressure under the skin.
  3. Wearing clothes made from leather or synthetic materials, this makes it difficult for the skin to “breathe” leading to acne mechanica.
  4. Wearing tight headbands/helmets, hats or scarves wrapped tightly on the skin.
  5. Skin rubbed against clothes or cellphones.


  1. Avoid triggers: For heat rash or heat acne, tight-fitting clothing can be a trigger. Petroleum or mineral oil skin products can also worsen acne. Wearing loose-fitting, weather-appropriate clothing, and using non-comedogenic products help prevent summer pimples.
  2. Wash your face: This is especially important to decrease heat acne and maskne. Use a daily cleanser before and after sweating. Heat breakouts can be prevented by gently washing the face twice per day with a non-comedogenic, oil-free face wash and avoiding touching the skin as much as possible.
  3. Take allergy medication: If an allergen is your trigger, take an antihistamine before going into situations when you might encounter it and always keep treatment on hand if your allergy is severe when going outdoors.
  4. Practice good mask hygiene: Wear disposable face masks or wash each cloth mask after every use. This avoids buildup of pollutants and sweat.
  5. Stay out of the heat: When in doubt, stay indoors during the hottest part of the day. Keep yourself as cool and comfortable as possible by dressing lightly, hydrating, and seeking cool places when you feel overheated.


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