Toning is one of the most essential parts of the skincare routine and is recommended by most beauty enthusiasts as the most important step. While there are various skin toners readily available in the stores, you can also go the natural way and easily make them at home. Remember that cleansing and toning go hand-in-hand, so make it a point to include this step in your beauty regime. Here are three DIY skin toners that can be easily done:

What does a Toner do?

If you are unaware of the benefits of using toner, here is the list of a few benefits of toner:

  • Maintain the perfect PH balance of your skin.
  • Remove the environmental toxins and residues from your skin pores and keep them healthy.
  • Shrinks and tightens your facial pores
  • Provide proper hydration and nourishment to your skin in extreme climatic conditions for dry skin.
  • Reduce the appearance of acne, wrinkles, fine lines, and dull skin

1. Apple cider vinegar (normal skin)

Apple cider vinegar works as a great astringent that helps in skin toning by restoring and balancing your skin’s pH. It also helps in preventing acne or pimples by keeping the skin pores free from infection, oil and other dust particles. Take equal parts of ACV and water, and mix well. You can also add in essential oils. Then use a cotton dab to apply it on your face and neck. Leave it on for a 5 minutes, then rinse it off with cool water.

2. Cucumber and aloe vera toner (dry skin)

Cucumber is a moisturizing ingredient that leaves skin feeling hydrated. It can soothe irritation and provide relief to those with dry or sensitive skin. Aloe vera is a popular ingredient in various commercial skin care products. It can alleviate symptoms of dry skin by reducing irritation and acting as a soothing anti-inflammatory. Aloe vera is typically sold as a gel, however liquid forms can also be purchased to use within DIY toners. Peel and chop a cucumber; transfer to a pan. Cover with distilled water, heat at low temperature and then let cool. Blend and strain into a glass container. Add a few drops of aloe vera.

3. Iced rose water

Did you know that rose water is a great mood enhancer? This is why every time you apply a dab of rose water on your skin, its soothing aroma instantly makes you feel refreshed. Rose water acts as a great astringent, balances pH level and hydrates the skin. Apply chilled rose water on your skin after you cleanse it, and then wash with cold water.

4. Green tea toner

Being rich in antioxidant properties, green tea is extremely beneficial to moisturize your skin and keep it fresh. Green tea also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help in treating acne and oily skin. Boil 2 cups of water for 10-15 minutes and turn off the flame. Then add 2 tea bags of green tea and close the lid for some time, this will help you to quickly get the extracts of the tea in water. Remove the tea bags and let them cool for some time. You can also store this green tea extract for up to 1 week and use it on a regular basis to see visible results.

5. Papaya Toner

Well, this can be quite a tough task to make your own toner but it’s worth every effort you put. Extract the papaya juice and store it in a bottle. Use cold water while extracting the juice as it is an extreme task to get pure papaya extract. This toner is extremely effective to treat rashes and sunburn on dry skin. It also prevents the appearance of dry lines on your skin in winter. Rich in Vitamins and minerals, this toner is best if used without any water dilution. But remember, the shelf life of this toner lasts only up to 4-5 days.

6. Ginger Tulsi toner

Tulsi leaves have excellent healing properties and do wonders on your skin. They clearly show a positive healing and improvement effect from the first application itself. Make a natural toner with some ginger and tulsi leaves. If your skin frequently breaks out with a pimple or acne mark and use it once a day. All you have to do is grate a hand fun of ginger and tulsi and extract its juice by adding some water to it and store it in a bottle. Don’t forget to keep it refrigerated.


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