Homemade Bleaching Face Packs to Brighten Your Skin Naturally

Every woman dreams of having picture perfect, flawless skin and in an endeavor to turn this dream into reality. The large number of products endorsed on the television for skin whitening only confuse us. Along with this confusion also comes the price tag, as most of such whitening products demand a price premium. There’s no talk about a homemade face packs for skin whitening. Let’s take a look at some of these home remedies – from kitchens to spas. Some of the common ingredients used are lemon juice, yogurt, honey, tomato, fresh fruit pulp, coconut milk, sandalwood powder, oatmeal etc.

1. Honey and Milk Pack

What better way of natural skin whitening than with the nourishing touch of milk and honey? It is nature’s elixir for all skin problems. Mixing honey with pure milk is probably the best face pack for glowing skin. Honey, being an amazing natural antibacterial agent acts as a perfect natural remedy for acne and pimples. Mix 1 tbs honey and 1tbs milk in a glass bowl and apply on clean face, massage for 2 minutes in soft, circular motion, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and wash off thoroughly with water.

2. Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood paste has cooling effects on your skin, and it helps reduce scars on the face. It helps maintain the melanin production in the skin, making your skin glow. Take a bowl and put sandalwood powder in it (as per your requirement). Put some water and make a paste. Apply it on your face and neck area evenly. Keep it for 7 – 10 minutes, or till it dries up. Wash it off.


3. Yogurt and Oats Pack

This is the best skin whitening face pack that acts as an effective natural remedy for removing suntan, age spots and pigmentation. The benefits of oatmeal for health are well known, but it is also extremely beneficial for exfoliating the skin as well to remove dead cells and impurities and improving the fairness of skin. Natural, unflavored yogurt or sour curd contains high levels of lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid that helps in moisturizing and exfoliating the skin and make it smooth and glowing. Whisk the yogurt in a glass bowl and add the oats to it, mix well and apply on face, neck and arms, massage using soft motion on face, neck and arms for 5 minutes, leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off thoroughly with water.

4. Sandalwood and Orange Peel Face Pack

Sandalwood has been used since ancient times in beauty products to address skin issues as it effectively lightens the skin, evens out the skin tone, and reduces pigmentation. It exfoliates the skin and moisturizes it. Orange peel is rich in vitamin C, in fact, even more than the pulp of the orange, and has antioxidative properties that repair photodamage to the skin and bleach the skin naturally. Grind the orange peel to make a powder. Add the sandalwood powder to it. Add 1 tsp of rose water and mix to form a paste. Massage this paste on the neck and face gently and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Wash off the mask gently with lukewarm water.

5. Tomato and Cucumber Pack

Tomatoes are one of the most common vegetables that are used widely in kitchens around the world, but we hardly know its beauty benefits. Tomatoes can be used effectively in a fairness face pack to enhance the skin tone naturally. The antioxidant lycopene present in tomatoes acts as a natural sunscreen and soothes the skin against sunburn. It helps in adding a natural glow to dull, lifeless skin. Its natural astringent properties help in reducing the size of open pores and control the excessive oiliness of the skin. Mash the tomato to form a smooth paste and grate ½ cucumber and mix it with the tomato paste. Apply the paste on clean face and let it stay for 20 minutes, wash off with water.


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