Living a poor quality of life or being unable to manage conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure can be harmful for your kidneys in the long run. The more bad habits you have, the worse the damage to the kidneys. Although the damage doesn’t happen overnight but you need to change your habits today to keep your kidneys healthy.

Important Causes

  1. Being deficient in vitamins: Research has reported that being deficient in Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D can increase the risk of kidney damage and kidney stones. According nephrologist, kidneys play an important role as far as Vitamin D is concerned. “Vitamin D is activated by the kidney. It is an inactive vitamin which is synthesised in the liver. It affects bone health and that’s why patients with kidney diseases have bone diseases,” he says.
  2. Going overboard with painkillers: Painkillers i.e. nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) helps you relieve the pain but it can also damage your kidneys. You should over-consume painkillers as they can directly impact your kidneys.
  3. Not drinking enough water: Staying hydrated helps you clear out toxins from your body, in fact, it also helps in avoiding kidney stones. Make sure you consume 3-4 litres of water to stay away from kidney diseases.
  4.  Trying to hold it in when you want to pee: If you don’t pee when it is nature’s call, the body tends to hold the toxins it was supposed to flush. If you do this too often, it can lead to kidney stones.
  5. Extra spoon of sugar: Sugar is a silent killer and too much sugar in food can lead to diabetes, high blood pressures which can impact your kidney function.
  6. Consuming too much salt: Too much sodium in your diet, be it in the form of salt in your cooking or through other hidden sources, can be a cause of worry, especially if you are prone to tendencies of high blood pressure. There are numerous snacks, canned, packaged and junk food, which contain sodium in concentrated quantities.
  7. Not exercising regularly: Apart from maintaining body’s fitness and health quotient, exercising is important to manage conditions like blood pressure as well. Exercising makes the body function in a proper and healthy manner.
  8. Processed foods: are loaded with sodium and phosphorus. People suffering from kidney disease should avoid having packaged foods. Intake of high phosphorous, processed foods can be harmful for kidneys and bones.
  9. Alcohol: Heavy drinkers (more than four drinks per day) are found to be double the risk of chronic kidney disease. Frequent smokers who also engage in heavy drinking have an even higher risk of possible kidney problems. Restrict your alcohol consumption back to less than four drinks a day to prevent kidney problems in the future.


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