When losing weight, it is not the weight that is as important as the decrease in body fat.
Fat loss and weight loss are different.


The weight swings like crazy!
Weight can change dramatically throughout the day and throughout the week.
Things like …
· How much have you drunk
· How much did you eat
· What kind of food did you eat
· The last time you went to the bathroom

All of them have an effect on body weight but not body fat.
If you weigh yourself, you shouldn’t be comparing your weight on a day-to-day basis.
You should weigh yourself at the same time every day, take that week’s average, and then compare it to the next week.
After a couple of weeks you will see the true trajectory of your body weight.


Focusing on weight loss won’t create any habits.
This is one of the reasons why most diets fail.
Sure, with willpower you can avoid “unhealthy” foods and go hungry for 30 days, but once those 30 days have passed, you will likely return to your old habits and regain the weight you lost.
What you want to focus on when trying to lose weight is creating habits that will likely lead to weight loss.

Creating habits to improve overall health such as …

. Get 5 servings of vegetables every day.
. Eat protein-dense foods 3 times a day.
· Get over 6000 steps per day.
· Spend 15–30 minutes with an elevated heart rate 5 times a week.
· Give priority to sleep.
· Cook dinner at home with enough leftovers for lunch to have more control over your meals.
… They are examples of ways to promote a healthier lifestyle.

A journey to improve your health is just as likely to help you lose weight as a journey focused on weight loss would.
It will also likely be much more sustainable and improve other aspects of life as well !!

Choose a weight loss program that works for you and is sustainable, and remember that in the battle against belly fat, it’s about steady progress, not perfection.