Rice is a staple food in Asian culture. It is the leftover water after the rice is soaked. Not to mention, there are many exciting rice water benefits for the skin and hair. Rice water or kanji is considered to be a magical potion by many ancient civilisations that help improve health, skin and hair. It boosts energy and provides nourishment to the body. In the beauty industry, rice water is typically used to wash the hair, apply to the face for that unmatched glow. In fact, it is also used in Korean skincare to minimise the size of pores and reduce pigmentation.

However, there are also multiple benefits to drinking rice water.

  • Kanji is a good source of energy. This water is packed with carbohydrates that the body can easily break down. Drinking a glass of rice water in the morning every day before heading out will give you enough energy for the day.
  • Rice water has been used to give cotton clothes a nice crisp texture. Just dip the washed fabric in rice water and let it sun dry. It is the easiest fix for all your cotton apparels.
  • If you have been using chemically treated skin toners till date, try the homemade version of it in form of rice water. This will not only smoothen the facial skin but will also make it glow.
  • Rinsing hair in rice water or helps make it shinier and smoother, along with strengthening the hair which aids in growing it long too.
  • It removes excess impurities and grimes from the skin surface. Furthermore, it is natural and chemical-free.
  • Applying rice water on pimples and acne can naturally reduce those unpleasant marks. You can use it as toner to reduce the open pores. Just dab a cotton ball in the rice water and use it over the affected areas and get rid of pimples and acne effortlessly.
  • It can impede the action of enzyme elastase. This enzyme is linked with skin aging. Hence, rice water has anti-aging properties.

So, next time you make rice, make sure to save the excess water and bring it into use for the range of health benefits and nutritive value!



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