Rice is a staple food and a versatile ingredient that is found in almost every household pantry. However, sometimes debate arises when a person is trying to figure out whether white rice or brown rice is healthier for them.

White Rice Vs Brown Rice Nutrition Facts

Nutrients Brown Rice Nutritional Value Nutritional Value of White Rice
Calories 82 68
Protein 1.83 g 1.42g
Lipid 0.65g 0.15g
Carbs 17.05g 14.84g
Fiber 1.1g 0.2g
Sugar 0.16g 0.03g
Calcium 2mg 5mg
Iron 0.27mg 0.63mg
Sodium 3mg 1mg
Fatty Acids- Saturated 0.17g 0.04g
Fatty Acids- Trans 0g 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0mg

Difference Between Brown and White Rice

  • The primary difference between brown rice and white rice is simply that brown rice is a whole grain, while white rice is a slightly processed form of the whole grain.
  • Brown rice is the whole grain version of rice, meaning that it contains the bran, germ and endosperm, while white rice only contains the endosperm, as the bran and germ have been removed.
  • Brown rice contains the nutrient-dense bran and the germ, brown rice may seem like the superior choice, but it’s actually not that simple. In fact, from a nutritional perspective, there are benefits to both forms of rice, so let’s take a look at brown rice vs. white rice.
  • As compared to brown rice vs white rice, white rice has a more glycemic index. The low glycemic index means lower absorption of sugar in the bloodstream which reduces the risk of diabetes and its management.
  • Brown rice is rich in lignans and plant compounds as opposed to white rice making it beneficial for heart health, keeping various heart diseases at bay. Lignans reduce fat in the blood, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation in arteries.

Nutritionally speaking, both brown rice and white rice can be consumed in a healthy choice. In fact, for many, white rice is more easily digested given it does not contain the bran, germ and anti-nutrients that come along with brown rice. Moreover, since the calorie difference between the two is so minimal it’s hardly worth the hassle to compare brown rice vs. white rice, rather, simply choose which the type that you prefer.


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