Is your hair dull and lifeless? Does a single swish of hand through your hair give you back a few bundled up strands in the hands? It is time to stop cursing your hair products and, take an action. Yoga is a great way to keep hair healthy by promoting strength and preventing hair loss. Keep reading to know about the Yoga Asanas that will help with hair growth faster.
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How Yoga Helps Increase Hair Growth

First and foremost, yoga stimulates the scalp by increasing blood and oxygen flow in it. This rejuvenates the hair follicles and nourishes the dry limp hair.
Yoga also reduces stress that is one of the main causes of hair fall. The thyroid gland is also regulated. This gland plays a pivotal role when it comes to hair growth.

Amazing Yoga Asanas That Will Help With Hair Growth Faster:

1. Kapalabhati/Front Lobe Cleansing Technique:

This is a very ancient technique to naturally cleanse the body. Following is the way in which you can perform the Kapalbhati technique of yoga for beautiful hair.

  • Keeping your back, neck, and head straight sit in crossed leg position.
  • Place your hands on your knees and relax all your muscles.
  • Take a deep inhalation and exhale all the air contracting abdominal muscles.
  • Do this for 15 times and try to exhale.
  • This was your first round. In your second round, do the same for 30 times.
  • In your third round, do this for 60 times and so on. You can take breaks between rounds.
  • This is one of the best yoga poses for getting hair growth

2. Sarvangasana/The Shoulder Stand Pose:

By doing Sarvangasana, the blood circulation in the head is increased, which results in the strengthening of the hair. This is how you can do Sarvangasana:

  • Lie down on your back and breathe deeply.
  • Slowly raise your legs until your feet point to the ceiling or towards the sky.
  • Your body should rest on the shoulders and the back of your neck.
  • Your hands should be at the centre of your spine, and they should support your body.
  • Your legs and your spine should always be straight.
  • Concentrate on the thyroid gland and breathe deeply throughout the process.
  • This yoga pose can reduce your hair fall completely if you practice this posture daily.

3. Sirsasana/Headstand Pose:

The name itself says that you need to stand on your head in this pose. It is difficult but has very good effects on the body. However, this is only for men. Women, please avoid this. It is one of the perfect yoga asanas for hair fall control and helps you for hair regrowth.

  • Invert your body and stand on your head slowly.
  • Give support using your forearms by placing hands on the backside of neck or head.
  • For the beginners, it is advisable that you take the wall support yo perform this asana.
  • Besides, always perform this asana under proper guidance, or it may result in serious injuries.

4. Uttanasana/The Standing Forward Bend Pose:

Uttanasana yoga also works well for hair growth. As one bends down in the standing position to touch the head to the knees, there is a tremendous increase in the blood circulation to the scalp. This is how you can do it:

  • Bend your body in such a way that you stand straight, and you bend at your hips, reaching your knees with your head.
  • Touch your feet with your head.

5. Sasangasana/Rabbit Pose For Hair Loss Prevention:

Most of the yoga professionals say that this is the best and one of the most popular yoga poses to reduce hair fall problem and gives back your hair growth.

  • For doing this yoga pose, you need to bend on your knees first and lean forward so that your head reaches your knees.
  • Try to touch your feet.

6. Adho Mukha Svanasana/The Downward Dog Facing Pose:

This yoga asana also results in a tremendous increase in blood flow, and thus there is a boost to the oxygen reaching to the scalp.

  • Stand straight then slowly bend and reach the floor with your hands.
  • The distance between the hands and feet must be a little more.
  • Insert your head or face your head towards your legs, making it reach maximum towards the feet.
  • The main purpose is to put your head on the floor in reverse position.
  • This is one of the best yoga poses for hair loss prevention and gives healthy and beautiful hair.

7. Ustrasana Yoga /The Camel Pose:

Ustrasana is very difficult to practice, but it has a lot of benefits, one of them being the hair growth and reduction in the hair fall.The following are the steps to perform this asana:

  • Sit or stand on your knees.
  • This time bend backwards and touch your feet with your hands.
  • Try to look backwards.

8. Pavanamuktasana/The Wind Relieving Pose:

Did you know, there is a direct connection between stomach and hair problems? A healthy stomach can ensure lesser hair problems, and this is why pavanmuktasana is considered very beneficial to treat hair problems. This is how you can do it:

  • Sleep straight facing upwards. Inhale deeply.
  • Move one of your legs towards your chest.
  • With your hands hold your leg close to your chest.
  • While doing so, exhale the air completely.
  • Stay in that position for some time till you can hold without breathing.
  • Relax and put your leg back to its previous position. Inhale again.
  • Now move your second leg towards your chest and hold it with your hands exhaling the air.
  • Repeat this for few times for better outcomes in healthy hair.

9. Vajrasana/The Thunderbolt Pose:

This is a very simple yet very powerful asana. It is a powerful asana that deals directly with your stomach issues and thus, hair fall problems.

  • Sit, folding your legs on your knees.
  • Place your arms on your thighs and put your back, neck, and head straight.
  • Stay in that position for some time.
  • You can inhale and exhale during this time.

10. Meditation:

All the poses were for better blood circulation to your scalp for better hair growth. Stress is another root cause of hair loss. To solve this, you need to meditate daily. This works very well to reduce stress levels and anxiety.
Few people opt for exercises for hair growth. Men join the gym for this purpose, but there is no workout for this at all. Remember, weight lifting should be avoided if you have hair loss problem. Instead go for walking, running, cycling, etc. which improve blood circulation to your scalp. Few Pilates workouts may also work for this, but it is good to take advice from a Pilates instructor. Practice pranayama as well for 20 to 30 minutes daily. Remember doing all these once or twice doesn’t work. This is not magic. You need to work every day for better results.

11. Balayam Yoga Posture:

This posture is also known as rubbing nails posture. This is one of the best yoga for hair growth to date. The method is pretty easy and has successfully helped a lot of people to deal with their hair growth issues. This can be done anytime and every time irrespective of the place or situation you’re in.

  • For doing this yoga, you’ll have to turn the palms inwards and curl the fingers of your hands.
  • The next step requires you to bring the nails forward so that they touch each other and then start rubbing them firmly.
  • Continuing this posture for not less than two to three minutes will give you effective results within a few days.
  • This is one of those yoga postures for hair fall which has been done and is being done by women all over the world and is also considered as one of the most recognized yoga for hair growth.

12. The Fish Pose Or Matsyasana Yoga For Hair Growth:

Here, we have a wonderful yoga for hair growth, which is often recommended by professionals who deal with natural hair growth issues. The fish pose is one of the most popular and effective poses among women and is highly practised for the sake of long, strong, and healthy hair. It is pretty easy to practice and can be done at home easily. Practice this asana on a daily basis and, within a month’s time, you will feel as if you never had any hair fall problem. This is how you can do this asana:

  • For performing this asana, all you have to do is lie down on your back and keep the body straight in the first place.
  • Then slowly bend your knees inwards in such a manner that your elbows touch your arms or palms which are further spread out.
  • If they don’t touch your palms or arms, that’s not a problem.
  • Just stretch as much as you can. Now put some pressure on your elbows and slowly push your stomach towards the ceiling (upwards).
  • Don’t think of coming just yet. Try holding this position for quite some time (not less than 30seconds).
  • This technique is often practiced by professional yoga people, and it can be said that it will bring positive results for you.

13. Apanasana Yoga For Reducing Hair Fall:

This posture is also known as the wind relieving posture. It is one of the best yoga for hair fall control. The posture is also recognized by the name of knees to chest posture. An advanced version of the pavanmuktansana, this is how you can do it:

  • For performing this particular posture, first, you will have to start with the standard reclining position, which is pretty easy and can be performed by women of almost all ages.
  • The next step is to bring both the knees close to the chest slowly.
  • Now, you will have to wrap the arms slowly around the legs and maintain this posture for quite some time.
  • This yoga posture has brought effective results to a substantial number of daily yoga practitioners. There are many benefits of this posture, which are as follows.
  1. It stretches the spine effectively.
  2. It helps with digestion issues.
  3.  Cures lower back pains.
  4. Stretches and opens the hip muscles.

There are many other benefits of this particular yoga posture for hair growth.

14. The Squat And Rise Yoga Pose:

This is one of the best yoga for hair regrowth ever invented. In this particular pose, the body gets a lot of benefits which hardly any other yoga posture offers. For performing this posture, you will have set your mind in such a way as if you’re gonna be performing a squat. Spread the legs so that the foots face the opposite direction. Then slowly come down by being your knees and join the palms and keep bring the joined hands below your lower belly. This is one of the best yoga postures for women who are dealing with hair fall issues.

15. Pavanmuktasana Yoga For Hair Lose Control:

Last but not least, pawanmuktasana is one of the most useful yoga for hair fall control and give hair growth. It has helped a lot of women and hopefully will help you as well. By doing this asana, the lower back is straightened, and the body fat is reduced as well.
These were some of the best yoga poses for hair growth or hair fall. These postures have been recommended and practised by women all over the world. These yoga asanas for hair fall control or beautiful and healthy hair growth are probably one of the most effective natural ways to treat such hair problems.

Additional Tips:

It is important to regularly practise yoga for hair growth. However, the following are some additional tips that will help one maintain the health of the hair in the long run:

  • Always take a balanced diet. This will ensure that all the required nutrients are received by the body that is required for healthy hair.
  • Massage your scalp well.
  • Regularly wash your hair, but at the same time, do not over wash hair. While the dirty hair will increase hair fall, excessive hair wash will deplete the scalp of necessary nutrients.
  • Avoid excessive use of hair colour.
  • Instead, use natural hair packs.

Doing yoga regularly not only improves your physical health but is also a magical way of healing the body internally. There are many psychosomatic problems such as depression, stress, anger, irritability, etc. which though does not have any visible symptoms but has a negative impact on your health, especially hair. By doing the aforesaid yoga for hair growth, one can improve the overall health of a person, including many hair problems.

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