The foods and drinks you have on your menu can affect the health of you and your baby. Avoid the products mentioned below during pregnancy. Whether you are a diabetic or a healthy individual, certain foods and drinks should still be avoided.
Exclude them from your menu if you don’t want to harm yourself and your baby.


Pregnancy is often accompanied by a feeling of fatigue. If you feel tired during pregnancy, don’t try to bounce back by drinking caffeinated drinks. Caffeine is the substance that can cross the placenta. No more than 200 mg of caffeine per day is allowed during pregnancy (which is 2 cups of coffee or 3 cups of tea).

Undercooked Meats, Shellfish, Raw Fish

Raw shellfish and fish are not recommended during pregnancy. Before you consume these products, cook them well. The internal temperature should not be lower than 145 degrees. Use a special device (meat thermometer) to make sure that the heat is appropriate. All kinds of raw meats are not advised. The same rule applies to raw poultry. Pregnant women should not snack on raw lunch meat and hot dogs, either. Cook the products until steaming. Eggs must be cooked hard at all times. Meat spreads and pates can be eaten only if they are canned.

Unpasteurized cheese

Feta, blue cheese and brie belong to the unpasteurized dairy products. Read the labels to see if what you are about to buy is pasteurized. Avoid unpasteurized drinks like milk, cider, and juices.


Mercury is the element that you can typically find in most seafood. Mercury can damage your child’s nervous system. Avoid the following: king mackerel, shark, swordfish, and tilefish. Other species such as shrimp, catfish, cod and salmon contain lower levels of mercury. The portion of the seafood mentioned should be just 13 ounces. per week.


Your child’s organs are tiny and still developing. Do not harm the process by consuming alcohol during pregnancy. Instead of feeling sorry, try to stay safe. Stay away from all kinds of alcohol-containing drinks.

Take away

Takeaway foods are not the best option, especially during pregnancy. Takeaway foods are less healthy and nutritious. Your baby needs high quality products and homemade food.