To most, making the decision to finally lose weight after months or years of dragging the load around is a life changing decision. Anything that requires hard work is, but unlike others, deciding to shave off some of the weight not only changes how you will look physically but also shows you how your outlook in life has also changed.
Ever heard of how it is easy to gain weight but how difficult it to lose them? Then you better have, because once you experience it first hand, you will realize that how much they downplayed the entire thing.
Here are some of nine things that you should expect to happen along your road to weight loss.
Your social activities will change
We know dinner with friends is a fallback, but think active: Take a dance class, go for a walk, throw a Frisbee, you get the idea.
Your View of Food Portions Will Change
Food is often taken for granted in the weight loss department especially among those who just started not knowing that if they become to complacent with their food intake, they are more likely to reggress to their normal eating habits.
You will reward yourself with new clothes

Reward yourself with cute new workout clothes when you hit your milestones. Unlike food rewards, this will drive home the idea that fitness is fun.

You will hit a plateau
You may find it easy to drop pounds early on, and then plateau at a certain point. THIS IS NORMAL. Up the intensity of your exercise (think: harder not longer) to push past it.
You Will Become the Talk of the Town
With the new you out in public, people will start talking about you. Most will admire how much you have changed. However, there will be some who will be jealous. You just have to ignore what the latter thinks. Instead, use it as fuel to motivate yourself even more.
You Will Learn to Prepare Your Own Food
As you may have noticed by now, it is your relationship with food that changes drastically throughout the journey and by this point you should be capable of managing them according to your needs.
It is during this time when Meal Prep Monday comes up.
Forming a Strong Relationship with Vegetables
Just like how your relationship with food changed at the beginning of the journey, at this stage, your interaction with food must have started to evolve in a way that it is parasitic because only you will be benefiting from the relationship. This is the time when you find the glory of eating vegetables.

You will seriously cherish snacks

Contrary to diet myths, you don’t need to starve to lose weight. Bringing your own healthy snacks will ensure you don’t hit the vending machine when cravings strike.
You will consider it one of the best decisions you’ve ever made
Losing weight can lower risk for a multitude of diseases, help you sleep better, improve relationships, and increase confidence. Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate every step in your weight-loss journey.


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