If you have less of an appetite or are struggling with indigestion, remember to regularly add mint and cilantro chutney to your meal. Regularly consuming this green chutney, which is also part of every Indian household, provides many health benefits.

Health benefits of eating Dhania and Pudina chutney

  • Helps with digestion problems

In India, digestion problems are quite common. So when we add lemon, black salt, cumin, green pepper, asafoetida, ginger and garlic while making cilantro mint chutney, it not only aids digestion, but also gives an improved taste to the meal.

  • Helps control diabetes

Cilantro helps lower blood sugar. Coriander leaves are known to be beneficial for people with diabetes because they can stimulate insulin secretion and thus help lower blood sugar.

  • Reduces inflammation

Soothing for your stomach, regular consumption of green chutney made with dhaniya and pudina will help you get rid of inflammation from your whole body.
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  • Improves appetite

Coriander-mint chutney improves appetite. Not being hungry leads to weakness and fatigue. So, adding this delicious chutney to your regular meal not only improves your appetite but also improves the taste.

  • Helps get rid of nausea

Mint leaves really have a very refreshing aroma which can help you get rid of nausea thus making you feel better instantly.

  • Helps to have glowing skin

To have clear skin, eat green chutney regularly. Green coriander leaves have antifungal and antiseptic qualities. So, making chutney and consuming it regularly helps to avoid skin blemishes and acne problems. It helps in detoxification which ultimately results in glowing and clear skin.

  • Cures anemia

For the uninitiated, iron deficiency leads to anemia. Consuming chutney made from coriander (dhaniya) and mint (pudina) helps in such cases. Dhaniya and pudina contain enough iron.


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