6 Websites And Apps That Help With Covid Relief Resources

If a loved one has been hospitalized, seeking relief resources for Covid-19 can cause panic. However, in these difficult times, there are a few helpful and verified resources that can come to your aid. Whether you are trying to get an oxygen concentrator or booking a vaccination window for both groups – 18 to 44 or 45 and over – these websites and mobile apps have been specially designed to provide you with the resources you need. Take note.

6 Websites and Apps That Can Help With Essential Covid Relief

1. Find a bed

Run by IIMUN (Indian International Movement to Unite Nations), which is the largest youth-run organization in the world, findabed.in helps find a free / paid bed in 446 cities across the country. Please note that this only concerns people who do not need to be hospitalized. You can also be a part of it by volunteering or helping them with any information you may have about COVID centers.

Website: Findabed.in

2. Covidrelief.glideapp.io

This innovative platform was set up by 3 IIT graduates and gives you real-time data on the availability of covid-19 backup resources. The cities included are Ahmedabad, Almora, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Delhi, Haridwar, Jabalpur, Kota, Mumbai, Nagpur, Raipur and many more.

3. So City

SoCity is a microsite, which is basically a collection of verified resources posted by people online. The site is constantly updated with new information. However, the microsite only provides information for resources of Delhi.

Microsite: So City

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4. Sprinklr CXM

The Sprinklr CXM platform was also in the works ahead of Covid. He has helped people obtain a diverse range of resources, in all sectors. For covid relief, they have a dashboard that lets you choose your location first, then guides you to the resources you need based on your needs – drugs, vaccinations, beds, hospitals, etc.

Website: Sprinklr

5. Vaccinate me

With only a few slots available for vaccines each day, VaccinateMe, an initiative of HealthifyMe, can prove to be a great source to get your niche. While the interface is best available on the mobile app, you can also use the website mentioned below to get information about immunization windows around you.

Website: Vaccinateme.in

6. GetJab.in

GetJab.in will give you information about available vaccine locations based on your PIN code. This website brings you data from the CoWin website and has been specially designed to make the process easier for the 18-44 age group.

Link: https://getjab.in/