Healthy, supple skin is what every woman dreams of having. What if we told you that you don’t have to spend extravagantly to get the same? There are yoga poses that can help you achieve that charming glow on your skin; If you want to learn more about these poses, take a look at the next section, which covers 6 yoga poses for radiant skin.

Yoga asanas for glowing and radiant skin

If you’ve been relying on cosmetics to give your skin a dewy glow, well, now is the time to ditch everything artificial and move on to something as natural and organic as yoga. If you would like to know how to do yoga for glowing skin, here are some popular yoga poses and how to do them:

1. Seated Forward Bend Pose or Paschimottanasana

This yoga pose involves intense stretching. This pose is not only beneficial in warding off stress and anxiety, but it also helps purify the blood, improve skin tone, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also helps improve your digestion, which can otherwise give rise to many skin conditions such as pimples and acne.
Seated Forward Bend Pose or PaschimottanasanaHow to do

  • Sit down and stretch your legs out in front.
  • Place your two palms on the respective thighs.
  • Inhale, lean forward, and try to hold your toes.
  • Exhale and stay in the pose for 10 seconds.
  • Return to the sitting position.
  • You can repeat this operation 3 to 4 times.

2. Bow pose or Dhanurasana

For glowing skin, this morning yoga pose works amazingly by putting intense pressure on the abdominal area, which helps in detoxifying the body. This pose is also a great stress reliever and effective for losing extra weight, thus helping to give you a healthy glow.
Bow Pose or DhanurasanaHow to do

  • Lay down with your face touching the floor and your back facing the ceiling.
  • Keep your arms at your sides and your palms facing the ceiling.
  • Lift your legs from the ground and hold your ankles with your hands.
  • Return to the supine position.
  • Repeat the pose 3 to 4 times.

3. Fish pose or Matsyasana

This is one of the best yoga poses for getting a healthy glow because it improves blood circulation to the head. The fish pose is one of the back flexion poses that can be easily performed even by a beginner. This yoga pose helps fight indigestion and bloating.
Fish Pose or MatsyasanaHow to do

  • Sit in a padmasana yoga pose.
  • Slowly lean back and place your head on the floor.
  • When you touch the ground with the top of your head, lift your chest upwards.
  • Hold the pose for a few seconds.

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4. Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

This is not only a great pose for strengthening the muscles of the spine and back, but also for your skin. This pose allows your chest to open up more by allowing in a greater amount of oxygen, which in turn gives a natural glow to the skin.
Cobra Pose or BhujangasanaHow to do

  • Lie on your stomach with your palms placed near your head.
  • As you exhale, lift your head and chest, stretching your arms.
  • While inhaling, return to the same position.
  • Do this 8-10 times.

5. Forward Bend Pose or Uttanasana

One of the essential yoga tips to remember for glowing skin is Uttasana, as it improves your complexion by improving blood flow to your face. It may seem a bit difficult for beginners; therefore, you have to go slowly.
Forward Bending Pose or UttanasanaHow to do

  • Stand up straight, keeping your hands by your side.
  • Lean forward and try to push your head up onto your legs, placing your palms to the side.
  • Make sure your back and legs are straight.
  • Repeat a few more times.

6. Plow pose or Halasana

This yoga pose is effective in improving the overall body blood circulation. It helps you feel relaxed and calm, and the positive effectiveness is reflected on your skin as well. If you are having trouble sleeping, it can take a toll on your skin; However, practicing this asana on a regular basis can help you fight sleep issues.
Plough Pose or HalasanaHow to do

  • Lie on your back with your palms facing the ceiling.
  • Gently lift your legs 90 degrees and pass them over your head to touch the flour.
  • Hold the pose for a minute, return to the normal position.


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