Make Christmas More Delicious Than Ever!

The holidays are here! Unlike Thanksgiving, you get much more flexibility in terms of dinner. Tired of turkey? We are too, that’s why we’re exploring our options this year! Check out our top contenders for this year’s feast. We gathered the greatest holiday recipes from around the blogosphere that we think would go great on our table (and in our bellies).

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Bacon-wrapped scallops

There’s no time to waste when it comes to cooking Christmas dinner. You have a ton of dishes to make and not a ton of time, which is why this 25-minute recipe by Pinch and Swirl is exactly what you need to add to your menu. It’s quick, easy, and seriously tasty.

Cheese and salami kebabs

Name a more delicious duo than cheese and salami…yep, we couldn’t think of one either. These kebabs by Fat For Weight Loss are so easy to make, you could practically whip them up in your sleep.

Salt and vinegar zucchini chips

So your whole family loves salt and vinegar chips, but all of those carbs in a regular bag aren’t going to cut it at your keto Christmas dinner. What do you do? You make this scrumptious recipe by Sugar-Free Mom. It’s as close as it gets to a guilt-free chip.

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Sour cream and bacon deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are a holiday get-together classic, and this version by Simply Recipes takes the traditional dish to a whole new level. It calls for sour cream instead of mayonnaise, making the eggs creamy beyond compare.

BBQ bacon-wrapped smokies

When you’re entertaining keto style, bacon is sure to become a staple of your menu. Fair warning: This recipe by is so full of flavor, they’ve been known to get snatched up by hungry guests before the host even has a chance to try one.