5 High-Intensity Morning Exercises That Will Help You Burn Over 500 Calories

Morning is a great time to burn calories in the shortest possible time. The best results from a calorie-burning workout are achieved on an empty stomach, which makes the best time to train in the morning. But, keep your pre-workout meal light if you want to have. Stick to sprouts or energy boosters like peanut butter or avocado toast and keep portions small. Once this is set, you can dive straight into the workout mode for quick results. Here is what you need to do.

5 super intensive morning workouts to try

1. Running and high knees combo

Running at a speed above 10 km / h for about 30 minutes is known to burn about 700 calories. But that’s not what you’re aiming for. While running will make most of the calories burned in this morning workout routine, you can aim for 300 calories. In this routine, this will save energy for other exercises. With this variation, you will take two breaks from your run, indulge in quick knees and then come back to running. This will increase the pressure on your heart and help you sweat more.

2. Cycling and squats

Cycling will tone your lower body and glutes and strengthen your core while helping you burn off those extra flabs. Do two sets of squats between your cycling session and the intensity is doubled. Try to get 30-35 squats in the first break, and probably 5-10 more in the second.

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3. Stair climbs / steps (with weight)

To burn calories, the usual stair climb (without weights) can also be an effective way but the muscles are stretched much more with the extra weight. Try to do quick steps if you are not adding weight. With weights, even if you lose the rhythm, try to do as many reps as possible.

4. Flat back crunches and free cycling

Now that you have completed the cycling and squat combo, it is time to lie on your back; but, not to relax. Take a chair, place your legs on it (starting from your knees) and touch your head to the knees – flat-back, high-back knees creak. Try to do three sets of 20 repetitions. As you take breaks between sets, don’t let your feet get off the chair. Instead, lift them up (away from the chair) and indulge in 60 seconds of pneumatic cycling. It will further strengthen your heart.

5. Side-by-side squats and lunges combo

Side-by-side squats are an easy way to get rid of the extra weight on your hips. Lunges work on similar muscles, so pairing them up is always a good idea. 6 sets in total, with alternating exercises (squats-lunges-squats) of 15 reps each, should do the trick.

500 calories (or more) are burned before you know it with this morning workout routine!