While there are two types of dumbbell arm exercises for bicep training – toning and bulking – we’ll be focusing on the latter with this one. The ideal steps, even if you want more ripped arms, is to inflate them first, then move on to sculpting. Speaking of which, with this story we are going to focus on how to strengthen arm muscles and add more weight to those biceps. Keeping in mind the science that bicep and tricep muscles grow much slower than other muscles, we’ve got some great tips for you.

How to get big arms fast

Follow these simple steps to speed up the process of growing your arms:

1. Train your arms more

While this can be one of the more outrageous suggestions, it is often difficult to understand in existing complex workout routines. Since we’ve learned that arm muscles take longer to develop, they automatically require a lot more attention. Rely on these two easy movements: either you can increase the reps for your arm exercises or just add more arm exercises to your workout routine. To back this up, science says you should do over 20 sets of arm exercises each week to increase them.

2. Arm exercises first

Several studies have confirmed that the muscles we work on at the start of training tend to grow much larger and much faster as well. That’s why moving your arm exercises (especially the compound exercises) to the first half of your workout is going to work wonders.

3. Increase repetitions

Stick to the easiest exercises, don’t indulge in compound exercises unless you are ready. Increase the weight and repetitions of the simpler exercises and you will see results much faster.

4. Stick to the routine

The worst thing you can do when looking to build muscle is to change your focus. Other muscles may develop more slowly if you keep repeating the same exercises, but that’s a different story when it comes to the arms. Experts have suggested that you need to build an exercise series over a few weeks and then stick with it for weeks to come, increasing the weight and reps along the way.
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On that note, take a look at our recommendations for the best dumbbell exercises for your arms.

3 dumbbell arm exercises to get bigger, faster arms

To get bigger weapons, you need to attack them from all possible angles. This helps the muscles to grow on all sides, which allows for faster swelling. To achieve this, follow this routine designed by Alex Mateus, trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, London.

1. Dumbbell arm exercises: Zottman curls

Dumbbell Arm Exercises_Zottman CurlsWith just one upgrade, this variation takes traditional bicep curls to a whole new level. Rotate your arms at each end of the workout to follow the workout correctly. In addition to helping your biceps brachii (the main muscle in your arm), it also adds adequate pressure on the brachioradialis, a muscle in the forearm. Keep in mind that your elbows should always stay set and strong, and you should be careful when performing the twists.

2. Arm exercises with dumbbells: wide curls of the biceps

Dumbbell Arm Exercises_Wide Bicep CurlThe second exercise is another variation of bicep curls; in this one, your arms will be slightly wider. This brings the pressure inside your biceps inducing faster growth of the arms. For this one, make sure your elbows (besides being strong and set) are close to your body.

3. Dumbbell arm exercises: skull crushers

Dumbbell arm exercises_skull crushersSkull crushers can do wonders in building the long and lateral muscles of your triceps, thus becoming an effective exercise for larger arms. Please note: your arms must be fully extended when they are perpendicular to the ground and during slowdowns.


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