With many of us still extremely nervous about heading back to the gym (and that’s understandable), it seems like the time to make some peace with the workouts in the living room has come. For many others, it’s just a lockdown weight that they might want to shed in the new (hopefully more promising) year. Whichever camp you belong to, it’s important to understand the little things involved in a home workout that will help you make the most of your time. Here are a few takeaways that will help you make sure your home sweat session is worth it …

1. Create a designated space

Makeshift never works. Find a good spot in the house, declutter it to give yourself enough space, and work there. If you keep the space flexible, it can affect the quality of your workout because you are more free one day, cramped the next.

2. Put on your gear

You wouldn’t go to the gym in greasy sweatpants and a ripped Hulk t-shirt, right? It might seem unnecessary, but the right equipment gets you in the right frame of mind and is also better for your body because it is designed for an active session.

3. Stay hydrated

Drink a ton of water after training – your body has lost enough. You should, however, drink very little water during the workout itself – it will revolve around your stomach and give you cramps. If you have to, take a sip only once or twice.

4. Find the right channel / instructor

Take the time to do some research before you start. Find an instructor whose sessions you want to stream or a YouTube channel whose tours work for you. Having a basic person or format makes a routine much more effective.

5. Make progress

One of the biggest mistakes people make in a burst of enthusiasm is going too fast too fast: Hello, hamstring injury. Start with low intensity, modified exercises and build up a bit more whenever you feel ready. You don’t have instructors over your shoulder, so you need to smartly monitor yourself.
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6. Don’t invest in equipment right away

More home treadmills that have been lost hanging up laundry than actually being used, I promise you. There are enough workouts without equipment to last a lifetime – and once you’ve really made it part of your routine, you can start purchasing the equipment you’ll need.

7. Listen to your body

Some days you’ll be able to squeeze out an hour-long HIIT session – on other days you’ll barely be able to reach 20 minutes without a coronary loved one. Pay attention to your body’s signals; what she can and can’t handle right now There is no shame in changing if you are still exercising.

8. Find a time and stick to it

You never will if you do it when you “have the time”. You’ll never have time, you’ll have to actively manage – set aside 30 to 45 minutes each day that you won’t be doing anything else, and you’ll find yourself much more regular. Mornings are always better if you can rock them – it spreads out and frees up your day.

9. Put your phone away

There will still be notifications and business calls, but choose to put your phone on silent to really focus. The more you are tempted to take a short break to check Instagram, the less you will exit your session.

10. Factor of your area

Many chains have their sneakers using wooden floors, which are easier on the knees and less cold. If you have a cement floor, consider using a thicker mat – this will be easier on your joints in general.

11. Mix up your workouts

Not every day, if you don’t want to, but certainly every now and then. You might have found a great daily circuit that works for you, but your body will likely get used to it in time – meaning it won’t have the same impact. Rotate between strength training, cardio, HIIT, pilates, and more when you can.

12. Set a (reasonable) goal

Working in the abyss may seem like a bleak prospect – but it’s never because you want something out of it. Define what that “something” is – duration, weight loss, strength – and set a goal that you know you can achieve without pushing yourself too hard.


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