It can be hard to buy a gifts for someone living with psoriasis or another chronic skin condition. You want to find something that shows you care and understand without appearing judgmental. The following are gift suggestions for those with psoriasis, many of which support self-care and relaxation.


I think one can never get enough moisturizers, whether affected by psoriasis or not. While psoriasis sufferers have to apply moisturizer all day long, there is no better practical gift that another bottle of lotion.
Before buying a moisturizer check if the person you’re buying it for isn’t allergic to something and if the cream is actually worth the purchase. These days moisturizers are blended with sparkles or infused with the contents of an entire vegetable patch, but retain an element of practicality. The best cream might not look very presentable and pretty, but it doesn’t have to when it works.

Gift Card For a Spa

Who doesn’t like a gift-card for pampering? When many psoriasis sufferers are being shamed by public pools and spas, a private massage is a great idea. Someone with psoriasis will likely appreciate any stress-relieving gift, especially when it can be tailored to their skin condition. I would have loved to get a private scrub massage, so I think it can make a perfect gift.


This leather and stainless steel reminder to be brave in the face of a life-altering condition won’t irritate sensitive skin and supports a worthy cause. For each bracelet sold, 10% of the sale will be donated to the National Psoriasis Foundation. “I was once gifted a beautiful card with a donation to the National Psoriasis Foundation for funding research for a cure,” says Leeolou, who volunteers for the NPF in New York City. “I was so excited to feel like I was a part of the active search for a cure. It gave me so much hope, and I felt so supported.”

Dead Sea salts

Many people with psoriasis find soaking in a bath with Dead Sea bath salts helps to reduce the discomfort of psoriasis plaques. Look for skincare products made with Dead Sea salts. Besides improving symptoms, these can promote relaxation.

Table Vacuum

Many people with psoriasis are self-conscious about outbreaks of scalp psoriasis, especially when at work, and don’t want to have their desks covered with skin. I recently discovered that you can purchase a mini vacuum that needs to be charged through a USB and barely makes any noise. It’s a perfect way to clean you desk of flakes pretty quickly and forget it, before anyone even has a chance to notice it. I personally love it and wish I discovered this cute little vacuum earlier!

Lavender candle

It’s thought that stress can trigger psoriasis flare-ups, so it can’t hurt to gift something that helps someone with the disease find a moment of calm. A scented candle is usually a safe bet, says Hanrahan, “especially if it’s scented with essential oils that promote relaxation.” Studies suggest that lavender does just that: Sniffing the floral scent can lower heart rate and blood pressure.


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